IEP|ONE Cognitive Companion for
Children with Special Needs

IEP|ONE™ is a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence software application platform. It has been designed and built by parents of children with special needs in partnership with educational, medical and psychological professionals.



Your child’s abilities, needs, interests, and learning patterns are discovered by IEP|ONE while playing games, watching videos, viewing pictures and answering fun, challenging questions.


You can receive professional advice regarding your child's needs by answering the questionnaires. Your answers can also help our platform provide selected content for your child.


Those who care for your children, such as teachers, therapists and others, can work together on your child's goals using IEP|ONE Orchestration to achieve real progress toward your child's needs.


Personalized to your child by interests, needs and progress


Platform to coordinate multiple devices and professionals


Machine Learning and A.I. powered by IBM Watson & Google A.I.


A.I. based insight with objective analysis and reports


Measure progress and level using CDC standard milestones


Rewards encourage progress with an option for parents to exchange ‘virtual earned coins’ for favorite activities or trophies


Patent Pending Technology

Machine learning algorithm understands a child's actual needs by recognizing their abilities, interests and learning patterns. This technology helps parents, teachers, caregivers and others structure children’s academic goals.

The child’s individualized IEP|ONE cognitive companion runs on proven technology that benefits teachers and professionals by matching the appropriate services for children to make real progress.

IEP|ONE Congnitive Companion for children with special needs is powered by IBM Watson, Google A.I., Microsoft A.I., Cloud Technologies, Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning algorithms & Data Visualization.


About us

Our Founder, a Data Science Engineer is a parent of the child with special needs. He had a vision of using data to discover his child’s special needs, find the right services, and nurture a happy and functionally independent life.

Today, that vision has become a reality! IEP|ONE has released the Cognitive Companion for Children with Special Needs and that vision remains the inspiration for our team. Our employees, advisers & mentors have diverse backgrounds ranging from education, healthcare, engineering and research.

We believe

    We believe that IEP|ONE will help parents achieve goals in partnership with schools and professionals.

    Here at IEP|ONE we believe that our application platform will help a child’s caregiving team create a more accurate baseline assessment, identify needs, recommend appropriate services, and measure progress towards a child’s goals.


    We are building a community to help parents, teachers, and professionals objectively measure, understand and interact with children.

    IEP|ONE encourages parents, school districts, and professionals to use this new technology to understand our children, accelerate their education, improve their socialization and functional independence.


Inspired, designed, and created by and for Parents of Children with Special Needs.
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